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1st Symposium


The TERRABITES network WAS inviting to its
opening Symposium,
February 9-11, 2010 in Hamburg.



The 1st TERRABITES Symposium is part of a sequence of biennial conferences. It is jointly organized with the sister network ABBA on trace gas exchange between biosphere and atmosphere. The symposium aims at

  • providing a comprehensive overview on the current research on the terrestrial biosphere in an Earth System context,
  • identifying knowledge gaps, and
  • showing perspectives for future research.

In addition, the purpose of the symposium is to foster cross-community exchange and research cooperations in the field.


Invited are contributions related to the terrestrial biosphere in the Earth System. Among others, this could be

  •  Plant functioning from the micro to the global scale
  •  Local and large scale carbon and nutrient cycling
  •  Plant ecology at different spatial and temporal scales
  •  All aspects of human land cover change
  •  Remote sensing techniques for observation of vegetation
  •  Trait data bases
  •  Techniques of biosphere modelling

Also invited are related networks to present their initiatives to a larger audience.


  1. Improving ecophysiological processes in vegetation models
  2. Flux constraints from ecosystem to global scale
  3. Quantifying community scale processes for vegetation models
  4. Challenges in understanding biogeochemical processes
  5. Key landuse processes for global change modelling
  6. Vegetation from Space


Philippe Choler, University Grenoble, France
Rosie Fisher, Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA
Dieter Gerten, Potsdam Inst. for Climate Impact Research, Germany
Beniamino Gioli, Consiglio Nazionale della Ricerche, Italy
Nadine Gobron, Joint Research Center (JRC), Italy
Thomas Hickler, University of Lund, Sweden
Martin Jung, MPI for Biogeochemistry, Germany
Jens Kattge, MPI for Biogeochemistry, Germany
Axel Kleidon, MPI for Biogeochemistry, Germany
Kristof van Oost, University Leuven, Belgium
Jose Moreno, University of Valencia, Spain
Peter Rayner, LSCE/IPSL, France
Susan Trumbore, MPI for Biogeochemistry, Germany
Pedro Viterbo, Institute for Meteorology, Portugal


The conference sessions start on Tuesday, Feb 9, 13:00 and end on Thursday, Feb. 11, 14:00.
Conference dinner will be in the evening of Wednesday, Feb. 10 at the Germania Rowing Club.


For the latest program update please see here. You can also download the full program booklet including all abstracts.


Almut Arneth
   GeoBiosphere Science Centre, Lund University, Sweden
Peter van Bodegom,
   Systems Ecology, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands
Michael Berger,
   European Space Agency ESA/ESRIN, Frascati, Italy
Martin Claussen,
   KlimaCampus/Max PLanck Institute for Meteorology,
   Hamburg, Germany
Ivan Janssens,
   Department of Biology, University Antwerp, Belgium
Wolfgang Lucht,
   Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Germany
Markus Reichstein
   Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry, Jena, Germany
Christian Reick,
   Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Hamburg, Germany
Timo Vesala,
   Division of Atmospheric Sciences, University Helsinki, Finland


Electronic registration has closed now. On-site registration will be possible during the whole conference, starting Feb. 9 in the morning.


Participants are cordially invited to contribute by talks (15 Min + 5 Min discussion) or posters (size approx. A0).  Deadline for abstract submission is as for registration Jan. 8, 2010. The Steering Committee will inform you soon after closure of registration (Jan 8) on acceptance.


Thanks to CliSAP, a limited number of travel grants is available for students, including PhD students. Please contact our conference office.


The symposium will take place in the Geomatikum building of the University of Hamburg,  Bundesstr. 55 , 20146 Hamburg, close to the center of the city. For a description how to reach the venue please see here.


It is very important to book hotel rooms early because in parallel to the symposium there will be a large fair in Hamburg, and a baptizing event for an ocean cruiser. For closeby hotels please see here.


Early registration (Nov 1 - Dec 11):
       Normal: 40 Euro
     Students: 20 Euro
Late registration (Dec 12 - Jan 8):
      Normal: 80 Euro
    Students: 40 Euro
No conference fee for invited speakers and MC- members of TERRABITES and ABBA COST-Actions.


Barbara Zinecker
Tel: +49-40-41173-226
Fax: +49-40-41173-350


COST Office,   Brussels, Belgium
Max Planck Institute for Meterology,   Hamburg, Germany
KlimaCampus,   University of Hamburg, Germany
CliSAP   Cluster of excellence "Integrated Climate System Analysis and
            Prediction, Hamburg Germany  
ZMAW   Zentrum für Marine und Atmosphärische Wissenschaften, 
            Hamburg, Germany
COSMOS   Community Earth System Models  
ESA/ESRIN, European Space Agency, Frascati, Italy
FastOpt, Hamburg, Germany



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