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TERRABITES ended its activities in Feb 2014!

Download here the final report.


The TerrestriaBiosphere ithe Earth System 

A research network funded by the European COST program.                                            

"The main objective of the Action is a cross-disciplinary assessment of our current understanding of the terrestrial biosphere from an Earth system perspective to improve the reliability of future Earth system projections in coupled climate-biosphere simulations."

The Earth system modelling community started recently to include terrestrial biospheric dynamics on an equal level with atmosphere and ocean dynamics into their models. At the same time, the remote sensing community is improving the monitoring of ecosystem conditions and trends with very high spatial and temporal resolution. Biologists are revising classical theories by analyzing huge datasets of plant trait data collected during the last decade. The ample amount of recently acquired information about the functioning of the terrestrial biosphere and an ever-increasing spatial resolution of Earth system models call for a new level of integration between modellers, developers of ecological theory and data gathering communities. This Action is a cross-community initiative to join efforts for improving the reliability of future combined climate-biosphere projections by accounting for recent progress in understanding, modelling and quantification of biospheric processes in the Earth system.

is implemented as COST Action ES0805

Website of GINKGO network, where TERRABITES was born:


                                                                         Download TERRABITES Flyer here!

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